I am so excited and proud that In at the Deep End has won the 2020 Polari Prize! I can’t quite believe it. Literary prizes aren’t usually awarded to comic novels featuring lengthy descriptions of fisting.

When the judges announced In at the Deep End as the winner, they said ‘it’s very rare that you see a book marketed as commercial fiction that’s so open and generous and bold about lesbian desire and lesbian sex.’ So a massive thank you to my agent Judith Murray and everyone at the Borough Press and Harper Collins for believing in the book and being so bold in the way it was published and marketed – Suzie Dooré, Fleur Clarke, Emilie Chambeyron, Jen Harlow, Izzy Coburn, Ore Agbaje-Williams and Micaela Alcaino. One of the judges also tweeted, ‘it’s hard being a queer writer in a commercial world which might often push you to smooth out the edges of your difference’, but no one at the Borough Press or Harper Collins ever asked me to tone down the queerness or sexiness or fistiness of the book, and I will always be grateful.